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On the day of the wedding...

We will have already discussed all of the logistics for the big day but this is the part where we are just in the background delivering you to your chosen location.

First we will prepare the vehicle, dressed in ribbon and faux flowers on the morning of your wedding day. 


When we leave HQ we will text your second contact to let them know that we are on the way to your collection address and share a live location from the vehicle tracker.  You can use this live link for the day to share with any important people who need to know where you are or if you are on the way to the service.


When we arrive at your collection address we will be ready to load all passengers in the vehicle.  We always aim to arrive 15 minutes prior to the arranged pick up time or at least be in the local area and we ask that you allow an extra 20 minutes to your journey for emergencies such as traffic or road closures etc.  This is most important if you are getting married at a registry office where another couple will be getting married after you, you do not want to be late due to any unforeseen circumstances.

Once you are ready, we will travel onwards to your wedding service. We will wait for you outside the venue during the service ready to move you on to the next location or to be ready for any photos you wish to have with the vehicle until it is time for us to depart home back to HQ.

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