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Couple | Lottie & Tom
Location | The Carriage Hall
Photography Click here

A lush autumnal wedding, with a splash of sunshine just at the right moments!  A stunning wedding with The Carriage Hall dressed to perfection.  Little needs to be written for this wedding as the photos really do the talking! A lush couple and a fantastic crowd who really enjoyed having the van in the background for photos and a one off experience. Sage & Sprig

"We had the best experience with Sage and Sprig on our wedding day.  The camper van is absolutely beautiful inside and out- immaculate. Lots of little cute additional touches such as water, mints and umbrellas. James also took some beautiful candid shots of us on the day which we adore" Lottie


Couple | Natalie & Ben
Location | West Bridgford Registry Office & West Gate Suites, Long Eaton

This was a lovely wedding.  A rainy day but we managed to get the Bride & Groom to the wedding exactly on time and shelter from a rainy day. The registry office in West Bridgford is a fantastic venue and offers a lovely period building and well set out rooms plus plenty of parking for guests! Sage & Sprig

"Between ceremony and the reception, we drove around for a while which gave us some alone time to soak in the day before we joined our guests for the reception, and James even offered to go and get some cool photographs in other locations!" Natalie

Couple | Becky & Shawn
Location | Newark Castle Registry Office & The Bad Apple, East Markham

What an amazing wedding...  The venue really is something else in the grounds of the Castle at Newark.  The sun was shining and came out in full force while we were waiting for Becky & Shaun to complete the service.

We arrived on time despite some of the road closures due to the bike race but we made it through the road block with our vehicle pass and made it to the drop off.  The reception was held at The Bad Apple Cide Brewery in East Markham and both Becky & Shawn had done a stunning job at transforming the venue garden into a festival themed layout. Congratulations and enjoy your trip to Thailand! ! Sage & Sprig