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2024 | £425

2025 | £435


Wedding day transport - Audio Guestbook - Outdoor Garden Games

£800 Hire [£350 returnable deposit]

£625 | 6 game package


Wedding day transport - Outdoor Garden Games 

£700 Hire  [£275 returnable deposit]


Wedding day transport - Audio Guestbook 

£525 [£75 returnable deposit]

Garden Games 

£325 | Full Package with all games

£250 Refundable deposit

Setup fee with drop off, set up & collection from £75


£200 | Pick 6 games

£150 Refundable deposit

eg Giant Connect 4, Giant Jenga, Giant Draughts, Cornhole, Knock em Down Duck, Hoopla or Ring Toss

Setup fee with drop off, set up & collection from £75

Audio Guestbook 

£150 [£75 returnable deposit]

1 hour extra Whilst your booking may be planned out, an extra time allowance may be required. 

We charge a fixed fee of £50 per hour thereafter 4 hour.  A 4 hour minimum price is allocted to allow for travel to, during and back from the wedding.

What is included Collection from your home or initial venue, transport to church or venue, transport to reception within the 4 hour booking

Our package includes the following at no extra cost:

1. Ribbon fixed to the front of the vehicle in a wide selection of colours to tie in with your colour scheme
2. We'll have a few essentials on board just in case; like mints, deodorant, hair grips and tissues.
3. We do not have a drinks license, but if you would like to provide some bubbles, we can provide a crate and champagne glasses for you to use..

4. Copy of any photos taken by our drivers.

5. Large white umbrellas provided, just in case the weather is unkind on the day.

6. A blanket, just in case it's a bit chilly.


To book we require a 50% deposit, the balance is not paid until 60 days prior to the wedding.

Please note we are exceptionally busy, so we recommend booking asap to avoid disappointment as all quotes are subject to availability.

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