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What factors influence the cost of hiring a VW wedding vehicle?

Hiring the perfect vehicle to transport you to what could be the most important and special day of your life is a difficult decision. We always make sure the vehicle is kept in pristine condition. This ranges from no expense spared mechanicals to the cleanliness. Each service can cost in excess of £400 plus part. With it being a classic vehicle its upkeep is more important to ensure safety on the road.

Alongside the running costs, as a business we must have public liability and employee liability to transport guests, most venues insist on liability insurance and as a reputable business this is always kept up to date. You can find a copy of our policy here

Liability Policy
Download PDF • 44KB

Our rental cost for 2024 is £399 which we believe to be an excellent price considering the time, running cost and market value of wedding day hire. We also trade on The Wedding Car Hire People and you can gauge the prices through a simple search on their website to see how we fair against other local providers such as Cathedral Campers and CW Campervans, all offering something slightly different with our lovely vehicles.

You can also check us out on Nottinghamshire Weddings website which is ran by Nottinghamshire County Council and as an approved supplier there are other vehicle suppliers which may be of interest to you too!


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